4 Tips When Negotiating a Salary raise (In 2021)

4 Tips When Negotiating a Salary raise (In 2021)
The process of negotiating a salary raise can make anyone nervous. Common questions often arise. What should I say? What if my boss perceives me negatively because of asking for a raise? What if my boss says no? The list of questions can go on, but one thing should be true: if you deserve a salary raise, you should ask for it.

Here are some tips to calm your nerves as you as you prepare for negotiating a salary raise:

1. Talk about what you have done
This is not the same as mentioning experience on a resume. Your boss will have an idea of what you bring to the table by now. The fact you are asking for a raise means you feel you deserve one and that you have earned one. Did you increase revenues? Have you been working at the same job for a long period of time? Did you hit specific goals that should trigger a raise? If the answer to these is yes, then these are things to bring up. Make sure think through all of these things before talking with your boss. Coming prepared will help your boss see the facts and see you have put thought into it.

2. Pick the right time
Sometimes the right message at the wrong time can end up not being received the right way. Have you ever experienced that? We have all been there where we are preoccupied with something and someone brings something completely different up and it catches us off guard. It probably not a good idea to catch your boss off guard by asking for a raise. We usually do not respond well to that “other” thing or we do not give it our full focus. 

Instead you should wait for a weekly meeting, a lunch meeting, or when the conversation is open between you and your boss. You can even set a meeting with the specific topic of a salary raise to prepare your boss for what you will be asking. Remember, you want to take away any reason or excuse for your boss to view this as a negative. 

3. Get an idea of salaries before you request a raise
The best thing you can do if request a raise that is a fair one and within the scope of the position and value you offer. Do a salary comparison, and know where you stand in regards to comparisons on the same job. If you are well under the comparisons, you can show that you are underpaid and deserve more because others doing the same type of job are getting more. 

4. Know you can walk away
 While the goal of asking for a salary raise is in fact getting the salary raise you want, you also must keep in mind you can walk away. Before you go into the negotiations be prepared for different outcomes. Have an idea of what outcomes would be a dealbreaker to you and which ones would not.

What If your boss agrees to give you a raise, but it is less than you asked for? What if he or she says no altogether? What if they say they will give you a raise, but it will have to wait 6 months?
Be prepared to walk away from your raise request, and be prepared with different outcomes so they do not catch you off guard.

The process of asking for a salary raise is not always  the easiest thing for people to do. And with that, we want to encourage you to be prepared prepared. 

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